We’ve been delivering efficient, high standard work for the commercial sector in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for years, and our Aluminium window and bi-fold door products stand up to repeat viewing.

Aluminium products are particularly well-suited to the commercial sector due to their security and high-level durability. Not to mention aesthetics!

With our proven record servicing numerous industries, you can trust us to deliver a showpiece feature for your office, display area or any other part of your business. We’ve built Bifold Windows and Aluminium Bi-Fold doors for companies across the hospitality, automotive and education sectors, along with numerous others.

Why go Aluminium?

Aluminium windows and doors installed by BiFold Doors Dubai are thermally broken, which aids their durability in various weather conditions and come with high-tech stainless steel security features to keep your business safe. They also come in a host of colours so you can keep your workshop on-brand – and keep the marketing department happy!

On top of strength, durability and security, the thermal efficiency of these doors and windows will aid energy efficiency in your business, bringing costs down.

Why BiFold Folding Doors Dubai

Your business is an extension of you, so not only pride but caution should play a part in all decisions. That’s why we offer businesses our 10-year Guarantee on the integrity of our doors and our installation. Our professional team have been doing this for years, they’re passionate about taking ‘after’ photos that blow us away, and we’re confident that our professionalism, cleanliness, efficiency and – most importantly – quality of work, will have you recommending us to your competitors! (Well, maybe not).

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